Everything in Check Sheet is based upon "checks", a check can monitor your spreadsheet for changes and send you notifications if a certain condition is met.
You can create several checks and we will evaluate the state of your checks whenever:
  • Your spreadsheet is updated
  • A form that is linked to your spreadsheet is submitted
  • Approximately once per hour
A check can be in one of two states: matched or unmatched.
Whether a check matches is determined based on the condition you have defined for that check. If the condition for a check matches this may trigger a notification to be sent.
Check Sheet will remember the positions of the cells in your spreadsheet that match the condition of your check so you won't be sent a notification more than once about the same cell.
When configuring the notifications for your check you can choose whether you want to be sent a notification every time a new value is found to match your condition or just the first time only.