Creating a Check

To create your first check open the Check Sheet app from one your spreadsheets as described in Getting Started.
or if you have already created a check you'll see a green Add button at the top of your list of checks.
You'll then be presented with a blank form as shown below that allows you to enter the details of your check.
A check is made up of the following properties:
  • Name: The name of your check, this will be shown in notifications
  • Sheet: The sheet which contains the data you want to check
  • Range: The single cell or range of multiple cells you want to check, specified in A1 notation
  • When: The set of cells that must match if the range contains multiple, not visible for single cell ranges
  • Is: The condition condition that must be met for your check
  • Value: The value you expect your condition to match against, it can be one of these types and isn't visible for some conditions
A check can have many notifications which have the following properties:
  • For: For checks that contain a range of multiple cells this controls whether a notification will be sent for just the first match this is found or for every new match.
  • Send: The type of notification to send
  • Target: The location the notification should be sent to, it can either be a static value such as an email address or a dynamic target i.e. a value retrieved from your spreadsheet